Personal Development Nazis

In last couple of years the most popular theme is personal development. Many places opened and books written on this subject matter. Nowadays what I see is that in a hope to escape from daily stress or to become better, we keep following new trends. What if all these are the exploitation of consumption economy?

Our stress is only based on trying to catch up with the best trends. In the excitement of time to get the newest innovation, we happen to live so fast. We are killing ourselves with ambition; our worst enemy is known to be our ambition. Now we decided to develop ourselves in the best manner so that we have forgotten our inner center or source. It seems to me this development has no end, like as those new fashionable cloths. All the time new methods arise. As we become global, unknown places’ researches have grown and applied blindfold.

Life coaches, personal coaches, trainers, yogis, gurus, authors, therapists and many more have appeared around us. All of them are creating and emphasizing on their new theories. The worst thing is that while presenting themselves, they defend their ways by not respecting others’ methods. So at that point I remember the marketing experts insisting on customers for only their products to be the best. However, when the subject is personal development and the topic is human psychology; I thought the person should not be taken under control but left on its own to recognize its presence in the situation.

When so many different and opposing information given out, we became distanced from the key of looking after our self. What I have found out is that self-respect; confidence and approval are not something to look after. They are already within us. We just need to remember that others cannot give them to us. All the time following what others have said and done is just a trick of consumption economy.  

When we are looking for self, it is as if we are escaping from becoming ourselves. In our insecurity to be the best, we get distanced to love and accept ourselves and drain our life force. We forgot to listen to our thoughts, emotions and inner peace. I am not telling us to sleep on things and act as happy when we are not. Just to love and accept our selves as it is. If we don’t, it would be our own choice and ability to change but not others.

From now on let us be what we are…

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