Media Literacy

In my university years, my dream was to become an advertiser. I was hoping to be a great marketing expert. I wanted to start my own business that I studied business administrations. My ambition and dissatisfaction lead me to double major in Management and Marketing and double minor in Sociology and Communication.

At my senior year, I was asked to take an elective course. I looked over my options and found one that was totally opposing to all that I learned. The name of the course was Media Literacy. It sounded interesting to me that I took it. Many students dropped the course in the first two weeks. Their reason was that we were asked to analyze how we will brainwash our audience after we graduate. Our professor was a very hardworking woman that worked for many years in a very well known advertising company. One day she happened to be a mother. She was asked to advertise a product for kids. While she was working on the project, she happened to advertise an unhealthy product as an attractive one. She got fed up and decided to quit her job. She became a college professor.

My consciousness got twisted after all the information I got from her course. I became bitter to my self, believes, dreams and thoughts. I just realized that I dreamed to work in companies that are based on giving false information. All the movies, popular magazines, and billboards around us were carrying information deeper than they seem. Their purpose was to sneak in consumers’ consciousness. I realized how magazines placed famous models photos in most read pages and located ads right after them with articles sabotaging self-reliance.

At the end of the semester, I was not able to watch movies cause I was able to differentiate the moves of the actors for advertisement. I did not want to watch television cause I was able to sense the advertisements that would follow. I realized that I would choose a different career after I graduate from business administration. All I wanted was to spread this awareness to others.

Through years, I distanced myself from my interrogation. I realized that the world I regarded as artificial became more bearable to me as I accepted it as one part of life. It was not something to be afraid of but just a part of the coin. So I started to live incidents more lightly. At the end, I thanked the awareness I received from Media Literacy course. I embraced the polarities of life. Instead of being in rage and hate as my professor in college did, I considered to accept one’s own choice and position in life.

Awareness is beautiful.



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