To Live in Our State of Time

Notion of time varies from one person to another through its fluency. For some time passes so fast but to others very slow. We always question the reason hidden behind it. All I want here is to question its reality.

If you had seen the movie Interstellar, you might notice its focus on the notion of time. Couple of scientists took off to visit some other galaxies to explore the potential living on space. They realized that their ten minutes of exploration on a single planet would cost them their ten years on Earth.

I heard a story that reminded me of this movie. There was a man, whom I would call Mr. X as an educated, well-mannered single man over his forties owning his own hardware company. One day, he was asked to evaluate his friend’s apartment’s antiques that would move out of the flat. When Mr. X went to check out the furniture, he saw the new mover and liked her a lot. He found out that his friend knew the new mover. So he thought of asking the name and the number of the woman but forgot. Five years later, he made the move but changed his mind to make the call.

When I heard this story, I could not hold myself back from imagining him as NASA’s secret agent, having his own hardware company, but visiting other galaxies in disguise. I laughed with friends at my imaginary story for days. He should have gone for a five minutes discovery that kept him away for five years. However in reality, these people are lost by living in the past and the future that once a while they happen to come to the present but not aware of its existence. Maybe they forget what they want in the presence, when they happen to live without the flow.

Humankind always imagined traveling in time. In reality every human travels in its own state of time in a specific way. Some people’s time machine travels so fast by focusing only on future dreams. Some of the people travel back and forth by going in between past and future that their machine quickly runs out of fuel. For some constantly goes to the past, gets into depression that they break their machine. However, the situation of Mr. X is totally different, as long as he as a valuable scientist sacrificed his own life for an important mission.

Our machines can fly when we can focus on our present… We can do it by neither pushing the gas nor pulling it back but keeping it centered. Old clocks work by ticking to right and left, but stop when they come to the middle. Similarly mind strengthens itself by hitting to polarities but dies in the center. Person could find peace when staying at that created middle space, ‘present time’, when mindless state is formed. Thus, to achieve peace mind needs to be used as a tool.

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