How did I end up writing a book?

After I published my book in October 2015, everybody asked for the story behind it. Meaning, how I decided to write, put it together and found a publisher. So I decided to tell…

Three months after my heart surgery, I started to be able to look after myself. I was not pleased by just siting, eating and sleeping but also was not capable of doing much more than that. Therefore, I decided to write as an extra. I started blogging so that I got my thoughts back together and had my self some therapy.

One day, I received a chain email from an author that I have been following for a while. The mail was about her publisher’s sister company for writers looking for publishing their own written work. The timing was so strange for me that I filled out the form and sent. I heard back from them couple of weeks later. They introduced themselves and asked me to explain what I plan on writing. They got interested and explained the help they offer, their packages, and service.

After the call, I remembered the time when I found out about my illness. I was feeling so lonely and helpless that I was searching on books or writings on people who had gone through similar stories. I could not get much information. I chose not to speak with others because I did not want to bother. My parents were very worried that I kept my silence. After remembering this, I decided to finish and publish the book in order to reach people with same concerns to help. I called back Balboa Press and said yes to their simplest offer. It was amazing that the book would be published and sold on the Internet through their website, Amazon and Barnes&Noble which was more than I asked.

I already had quarter of the book from my blogging and self-writing. Balboa Press asked me to call on me upon my request. I chose them to call me once a month that I would be aware of my time. They sent me packages on writing or any other questions that I ran into. I worked hard with their motivation and completed the rest in a year. Balboa proposed to give me an editor but it was over my budget that I checked it myself. I took a deep breath and just sent it with an intention to give healing.

Through my recovery, the book also got completed. In November before my surgery, I prayed on Mother Marry to save my life. As my wish came true, I went for a visit to her house in İzmir, Turkey. I wrote the last chapter of the book in the town that I stayed. After my second year got completed, I had a copy of my book in my hand but was too shy to come out. Nobody knew that I was writing a book accept my mother and best friend.

I took a deep breath and decided to announce it on social media. After receiving good feedback and hearing it gave hope to some readers, I sent my gratitude to everyone and also to my self for ignoring my fears of lack.

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