From an interview to a friendship...

Last week, I received a phone call from a friend of mine called Betigül. She told me that she had mentioned me to a blogger friend of hers to write an article on me. They looked at my artwork, new book release and also jewelry designs on my website and found very interesting. When I heard this, I got thrilled and very flattered. I could not wait for our scheduled interview.

When the day arrived, I realized that I was too excited. I was breathing in and out to calm myself down while I was driving there. I arrived to the place earlier than our scheduled time. Of course it was my timidity again. However, getting there early helped me to ease myself down a bit. I decided to take a walk, as I was walking, I started to repeat to myself Dusjom Rinponche’s saying… ‘Do not get too excited. In the end, it is neither good nor bad.’ Well it rang in my ears couple of times and at the end worked out very well for me. As the time arrived, I saw Aslihan walking down the corridor towards me.

I recognized her from her profile picture at her website. She had a wonderful big bright smile and welcoming big eyes. They brought me peace. At that instant, I realized why I was too excited at the beginning cause I probably felt from long ago that I would come across my long lost friend for ages. You might have experienced that feeling when you first meet your good friends. You will meet them and you just would know that you would become good friends. The conversation would be fluent and it would just flow. Conversations would open up easily. We had a very nice interview. At the end, we stopped the recorder and talked about life. Our meeting took longer than we planned. We told each other our stories. Aslihan was a strong woman, loving mother, and a great wife with a warm loving heart. Her story touched my heart.

She made her website couple of years ago. She had an intention to guide women with successful women’s stories. She was good at writing and her friends always asked her opinions that she decided to use it. She was talented in writing that she created her website aklifaalkadin.com and started blogging. Lots of women are following her on social media under the name aklifaalkadin, which means woman with an active mind. Amazing name and also stories at her website. She is very creative and talented. She gives interviews every each week and posts an article on them. I feel so lucky that she gave me this opportunity.

It was an amazing experience. It is lovely that life always creates opportunities for like-minded people to come across. It was an amazing interview and a great beginning for a good friendship. I am very thankful to Betigül to help us get connected. Also I am very honored that Aslihan had given me the time and space at her wonderful website. 

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