Let the Full Moon Transform

Full moon means a lot to me. Since childhood there is a connection between us. I know it feels difficult for some people, but randomly I feel any trouble by it. At least when I felt any heaviness, I try to concentrate on the feeling that needs to be transformed.

The image of this entry is an acrylic and oil painting of mine called ‘Peace with my Childhood’ on 150x150cm canvas, in year 2011 from Transmutation series. It is a very special one for me. In Chinese calendar that year was rabbit year in which I tried to transform most of the things from fear to love through meditation. I finished this painting when it was super moon, a time when the moon comes closest to the Earth that its effects are known to be more accurate. It is a great meditation time. Meditation does not only mean to sit quietly and closing eyes for me. It is like the time in this painting, finding the hardship in a moment, going back to its source in time, and transforming those moments into love through spiritual travel. What I mean by transforming moments to love is that accepting whatever happened in the past happening for our highest good and letting them go in love with wisdom. Full moon is the most ideal time for me to let this purification because at the end I lost myself within its peace.

When I started this painting, I intended to leave behind my childhood illusions by making peace with them and understanding all with love. The small kid in this image is I in primary school. It is reflecting me between ages of six and nine in which, I was seeing violence from my primary teacher, and became very withdrawn. During those times of fear, I would close my eyes and walk around to go back to my secure world by daydreaming. At one of those moments, my grandmother probably found me and took a photograph of me. When I was meditating in the year 2011, I went back to those ages to cleanse them. After my meditation, I decided to take a look at my childhood albums and came across this image. In that instant, I found myself crying. Therefor, I decided to paint my dreams. Through painting that time, the blue on this canvas hold me back in time with peace and forgiveness. At that moment, I released all by forgiving my primary teacher whom was beating me up with rage.

In this writing, I am sending all my good intentions that I made in this painting to all of my readers. So that I am asking all the moments, that we lived in the past that affected us, and still affecting us in this moment, and that might also put an affect to our potential future; to be cleansed with good intentions in order to be changed and transformed into love. Let us allow full moon to return our good intentions for our highest potential within its healing energy in this and coming future. Let love, affection and grace be our guiding light. Let our shades courage us instead of scaring us. Let ourselves carry all the experiences that we lived in our lives with joy and happiness. We are all safe and secure because we are all beautifully created beings of this universe.

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