Flower Therapy

For centuries humans use plants for healing. They were used as medicine, incense, oil essence, aroma extract, perfume, and many more items. The subject that always grabbed my attention is flowers use for physical and spiritual healing through their color, fragrance, sensation and visualization.

My grandmother has always been a woman who talks to her flowers in her beautiful garden. I had difficulty understanding her but through years I realized that she is very talented in hearing nature. She has a beautiful way of listening to her flowers whispers into her smooth presence. My grandmothers love and affection makes her roses exquisite. I believe as she was giving them high vibrations of her tenderness, they bloomed more and more. As flowers can feel humans’ vibrations so do we. I have learned this by applying Bach Flower Therapy in an alternative treatment center two years ago

We all know that there are some fragrances that would turn our mood upside down but some would do the opposite. A psychologist surnamed Bach, had given a research on flowers essences in order to use them for healing. He had gathered various flowers all around the world to grow in his greenhouse and gathered their oil essences. He has made a list of those flowers and asked his patients to smell each of them. He kept a list of his patients’ symptoms and their reactions to his oil essences. At the end, he has found out that patients with same symptoms would react accordingly to some of his flowers. Therefore he decided to record and categorize his flower oils. As a result, he decided to prescribe his patients with flower oils other than medicines. Today we still can use his essences to heal stress, depression and some other kinds of traumatic cases.

Two years ago, I have visited a specialist in an alternative treatment center after my heart surgery. I have told the doctor that I was going through some anxiety and sleeping problems. So he has given me the rock rose essence, which was prescribed for patients that has gone through tragic accidents or surgeries. I was asked to spray the essence mixed with water underneath my tongue three times a day for one month. Through that time period my sleeping hours went back to regular and became peaceful.

If you know the flower that attracts you than try to have them beside you by planting them at a pot or a garden. You can have their oils or essences and mix them with your body oils or air vaporizations. Making time for yourself and treating your body well would bring miracles into your life. It will help you to relax so that more solutions would come to your mind easier.

My favorite flower was a gardenia after my surgery. They always grabbed my attention in flower shops. So I decided to check their meaning from a book called Flower Therapy by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves and found out that it would help people to release chronicle stress and heal their heart chakra. I have sent my gratitude and love to my small pot of gardenia every day. I believed that it helped me to relax and healed my stress during my recovery.

The image above is a photograph that I took of my gardenia at its greatest bloom. The second image is one of the roses from my grandmother's garden.


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