Supermoon Solar Eclipse

Spring is coming up this Friday with equinox and eclipse of sun by super moon in new moon phase. (dtl.1) Sun and moon will get united so does the day and night, that we can prepare our body and soul with good intentions. It will be a time of unity.

In ancient days, farmers would prepare the soil depending on the sun, moon and stars alignment. They watched over the moon phrases to grow plants by calculating the water level that rises or declines with the moon’s phases. Today gardeners are still depending on all that ancient information before planting or harvesting. (dtl.2) For those of us whom are living in cities and not that lucky to be in nature can still use moon calendar to take better care of our body. As we will be experiencing Sun eclipse in new moon phase that will be waning, our bodies would start holding onto more water. So that it would be a better choice to eat more leafy vegetables and drink more water.

As we are taking good care of our body, we should save some silent time for ourselves for meditation. This would be a wonderful time to balance our feminine and masculine sides as long as Sun representing masculine energy and Moon as feminine will get united with March Equinox. On the other hand, Sun Eclipse will present us darkness and light during daytime so that we will experience two opposite forces’ unity in another form by universe.

I will meditate on Hindu Goddess Kali and God Shiva (dtl3) as long as they represent two opposite forces of femininity and masculinity as well as darkness and light. Through their guidance of representation I will call upon my good intentions in order to support areas of my life that I want to grow with waning moon. Meditating on chakras starting from the root to the crown chakra by focusing on their polarities would help to enhance every each energy centers healing force.

Starting from the root chakra, focusing on its color red and grounding by focusing on life force element of earth. Moving from first chakra to sacral chakra in its color orange by focusing on its element of fire and letting our fertility and abundance grow with its energy. As we move from second to third chakra in solar plexus area within its color of yellow with the element of water, we let our insecurities turn into self reliance, strength and willpower. Fourth chakra is the door to higher energy channels, heart chakra, represents love in its color of green and pink. Its element is air and helps to leave anger by turning it to peace and love. Fifth chakra is throat with its color of blue and representing communication with integrity and goodwill. It is the channel to move to upper energy channels, which are the sixth of third eye chakra and the seventh of crown chakra. Third eye chakra has the color of indigo blue, placed between the eyebrows; it is the clear thoughts and ideas where you can focus on mindfulness. Here you will have clearer sense of self and move to the crown chakra with its color of white and balance all your chakras with wholeness.

After balancing all chakras and letting yourself fulfilled with unity and wholeness, you can start sending out good intentions such as love, peace and harmony. We should remember that all believes and thoughts are united and just a tool to connect to our higher purpose to become a better human. In order to elevate the energy of our intentions we can use ancient symbols used in China and Tibet. Antahkarana is the oldest Reiki symbol for abundance and multiplies energies. Everyone can use the symbol for healing by caring good thoughts and intentions. All you need to do is to sit silently, breathe in and out several times and concentrate on your intentions by carrying your symbol between your hands.

So let this time of year transform our goals. Lets get prepared for Friday Equinox on March 20th. Thanks for your time…


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