Wish that came true...

Last week I received an email from a reader that wanted to write an article about my book. I was so happy to hear this. She was writing for her university’s paper. We set up a date for an interview over the phone as long as she was in NYC. I was not aware at the time what kind of surprise was awaiting me.

Two years ago after I finished my book, I wished for my book to reach people whom were looking for first hand experience on heart surgery. Before my surgery, I searched for articles or writings from some patients to motivate me but I was not able to find much. So I set a goal for myself to write my own story after my recovery. As I started to feel better, I started writing my story without knowing what to do with it. It was like self-therapy. After I finished the book, I hoped for it to give some hope to patients with same matter.

When I received the call from this young reader, I did not know the reason behind her interest in Rebirth within my Heart. She congratulated me and kindly thanked me for my time and interest. She started to share her story with my book. She said she had a heart surgery and was also looking for a good reading to give her some direction but was not able to find much. Than suddenly she came across my book. It was like an answered wish for her. She loved the book as it gave her motivation.

I was not sure what I heard. I was so surprised that I could not say much. I was happy that she found the book well for her but also sad that she experienced a difficult situation at such a young age. Our conversation turned out as sharing our stories other than having an interview. We both knew that we had gone through same emotional and physical stress but looked ways to feel better. Her questions were so strong and to the point that the interview felt surreal to me. It was like a wake up call for me. I have realized how things have changed even if I thought I knew.

She asked me how I handled the stress within my relationships, expectancies and emotions. She knew that I had trouble with my relationships after my surgery as long as I lost many friends. I did not explain much and gave solutions in the book that she wanted to know more. She had similar problems. I had mood swings and emotional traumas. I gave her all the details and tried to answer her questions. Things had changed a lot in two years that I started to know the answers that I did not know. She made me realize so that I was very thankful.

Lastly, she asked me if I achieved my dream and was able to run like I wanted. I told her that I started sports but was still afraid to run but soon I would. She could not do headstand in yoga before but now she would try. She gave me the most brilliant questions. We were blessed that we understood our wealth of being healthy in an early age and eager to share the story to give awareness.

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