Beautiful Human

We are all thought to be a good person by given forms of being a good one. Than asked to follow those forms in order to get accepted in communities. When we have a choice of acting mean, we get rejected. However, at the end all those given forms of being good differs from one to another in a traditional sense. When we believe that we are good, sometimes we are not. So what is being good or bad?

I believe goodness starts with self. You need to be good to yourself that you can be good to others. If you respect, love, care, protect and most importantly listen to yourself than you would be peaceful. As you become peaceful inside than you will reflect peace outside. When you get to make peace with yourself than you would be in harmony with your surrounding. These kinds of people will be whole, capable and sufficient with themselves that they will build healthy relationships with others. They will know how to be lovingly assertive with others when it comes to their limits. So that they will be well respected, loved and cared by others. They would not be judgmental that they would watch others living with a distance. When they see any mistake in others, they would regret it as their own projection. They would not regard anything as false or right by knowing that it varies from one to another.

These people choose to concentrate on themselves when they meet with a negative projection. They respect others by accepting them as who they are that they would not force others their beliefs. Peace, love, harmony and happiness is their first priority that they would not focus on changing others but only themselves. They trust that as they change in a positive manner, their relationships would heal and move on. They change themselves for only themselves not in expect for others change. When one departs from their lives, they trust it, believing that something better would come along as they become better in the flow of life.

When ones life mission becomes being good within oneself, than there would be no struggle to become a good person. Everything becomes one part of life that needs to be lived fully with love and joy. Their only concern is to become a ‘beautiful human’ not a good person. Beautiful humans know that both polarities exist in every living part of life. They choose to create balance and harmony with both of their sides. They know that nothing is good or bad in their lives but everything happens for the best reason. While they live in this life philosophy, they honor every person in life with love.

Beautiful humans are capable and enough with all their sources. They are in abundance of trust, endless resources, highest intuition and love. Their choices are not on victimizing themselves, labeling their position as rescuer, charging others like a judge in trial, or keeping control of life or others. They live securely in the flow of the present with love, peace, and harmony. Life is a celebration with its ups and downs in its beauty.  

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