Relationship with my dog

In my opinion our relationships with animals are as much important as relationships with people. I hear some people suggesting that animals love is deeper and selfless that it is unconditional. Well I do not agree that. I feel that how you interact in your relations will always reflect its form. I am fearless, loving and unconditional to my dog that it returns to me.

I am not really sure what is unconditional love. I don’t believe that every person would count how much he would get from a relationship. I believe every person is giving love unconditionally. Animals are similar as long as they are not drawn to people that are afraid of them. They have conflict with people that dislike or dishonor them. A dog would welcomes its owner that greets his dog every time he enters his house, and would not as his owner walks away. On the other hand, a dog is grateful and loving to an owner that gives his shelter and food unconditionally and returns his gratitude by his unconditional love.

I have my dog for almost five years. I tried to analyze our relationship neutrally. I realized that my dog replies back to my emotions more than my actions. When I get happy, he adapts into my energy and gets excited. When I feel sad or angry, he gets nervous. I used to be afraid of letting him loose at a park or around my neighborhood because I was afraid of loosing him. One day, I decided to change my thought pattern and took out his leash. He started to run away from me so wild that I thought my heart would stop. However, I decided to calm myself down and called his name softly. In that short instant, he responded back to me by slowing down and returning back.

Animals have higher perception than humans do. So they receive energies much more quicker than humans. They use instincts but not to reason. Therefore, we can use our difference to overcome our fears. Our pets would be very cooperative and loving to us by showing us our emotions. We can start by changing our habit of believing our pets love being much more stronger than humans and stop drawing relationships to our lives in that kind of form. We can try to reflect the unconditional, trustful love that we give to our pets to our friends and family. Instead of taking possession of our pets by controlling them, we can give them more freedom by letting them loose. We will start learning from your pets as much as they are learning from us.

When we forget to put legitimate borders with our pets they would get over us. When we start to compromise our borders, they would start to own us. When we lack our love and attention towards them, they would get sick. They would distance themselves from us, as we would neglect our responsibilities towards our pets and constantly leave them to care takers. When you own a pet, you have a long-term baby. We should be careful to be calm, patient and loving towards our pets cause they respond to your affections.

We are one with nature, planet, animals and humans. We are connected to every form of living and unloving form of object and place. Everything that surrounds us reflects who we are. We can create the life form we want in our life. What we need is to be aware by being an unbiased observer to our self, and having the courage to change the forms that we do not want in our lives.

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