First Entry

In my recent years, I opened and closed several blogging sites that I created. At the end, I decided to write on my website that it will be consistent. I am starting to write on the first Sunday of 2015 and hoping to contain this eagerness to write and share my enthusiasm with you every Sunday. Today I plan on writing about my recently published book that I wrote with courage by empahsizing my last four years of my life. Actually my book has motivated me to start blogging again. So that I can present you more of the knowledge that I recently researched as I did in my book called Rebirth within my Heart. 

I find my writings a bit interesting because it is written with no background of writing skills. Therefor, they have many mistakes in grammer and writing in general. I am aware of my lack of fludity in writing in English and also Turkish. But I think in general knowledge needs to be shared without any concerns based on fear of lack. I believe the best way of communication comes through sharing knowledge with full confidence. I just wanted to keep my writing simple as it is so that it will give a feeling of intimate conversation with the reader. I am only using my intuition while writing and keeping my focus on sending healing and good energy to the readers. Most important issue here is sharing by sending and receiving... I do not have any concern of being an author of the best seller book. I only want to create a two channeled share of energy here. 

I always look for writings that is parallel with my share of thinking. I recently realized that all the readings that came across me were not coincidential in their nature of being a concidence. Probably I called upon them to come across me like a magnet. They kind of fell in front of me in order to answer the questions I have during those days. This kind of situation could be called perception's selectivity. However, it seemed to me as my intuition's selectivity. Whatever they are, it is wonderful that they exist. I often share my time with them and read them either from the beginning towards the end or just partially. These readings became so important to me by answering my needs. At the end, I droped off my concerns in perfectionism in writing and just wrote what I had to share. Hopefully my writings could help to answer some of the individuals concerns at their time of need. 

In September 2014 my book got published by Balboa Press after having achieved this kind of attitude towards writing. I accepted my faults and self as it is and droped down all my defenses towards being perfect and got rewarded by completing a book within a year. When I first started writing, I received one of those writings, this time a letter, that I called 'noncoincidential coincidence'. Immidiately I understood that higher power, energy, souce or any kind of system was supporting me to finish that book. The email was asking to help the ones that wants to write a book without any writing skills. In the past, I have experienced a similar situation to that email.  At that time I was searching for a breathing therapist. I told the story more detailed in my book. In summary, it was a private email sent by my current breathing therapist to her private customers at that time to inform them about her upcoming schedule. We still do not know how that email reached me or how she sent it but it was a sign for me to start with her. Anyways when I received the email from the publishing company, I received the same feeling that I contacted them immediately with a fools trust. All my life I chose to follow my fools trust when I read the signs of noncoincidental coincidence incidents and they all ended up with good accomplishments. I followed my intuitions for writing this book as well. So I translated my book from Turkish to English and completed it in English and printed it with Balboa Press. 

In that one year, I was not able to paint because of my illness. I was weak from my heart surgery that I needed to rest during the recovery. However I still had the eagerness to reach individuals that walk through the same path. This time I did not have the chance to reach them by painting so I chose to write. I wanted to share my experience before and after my heart surgery. I hoped to reach people that are seeking ways of alternative treatments and spiritual motivations. I wrote about my experiences two years prior to the surgery. Those two years prepared me to my hardest time by learning to meditate and other ways of spiritual therapies to overcome illnesses through concentration and prayer. Later, I talked about my experience of surgery with a brief summary so that it would not be difficult for people to read. My aim was not to pour negative energy on people but showing them the process of healing. In the end, I shared different types of alternative treatments that I tried such as breathing therapy, Domamcic Energy, Acapuncture, Flower Therapy and most importantly my new healthy life style habbits. When the book finished, I did not use editorial help but chose to print it as it was in order to share the feeling of a common conversation. 

When I will be blogging here, I am hoping to keep the same kind of attitude. My only purpose here is to share my personal life journey, sociological observations, my knowledge and interest in art and spirituality, some healing methods to overcome stress, and lots of other interesting subject matters that I come across. 

Hoping to write every Sunday with consistency to keep our parallel energy flow...


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