Love in the Name of Justice

What do I mean by love in the name of justice? I am questioning our ways of searching fairness by looking at situations in more loving attitudes. I have come to a point of questioning justice and looking at it through love if applicable. I am not sure if love would exist in this humanitys belief of justice system but if we can analyze love with empathy other than loving blindfolded we might have an answer.

Justice is achieved through laws that have been created by people living on the lands of their nation and their own way of looking at fairness. There is goodness, rightness and fairness and opposites and we all know that it would not exist as one in a united accepted way. There will always be variaties in belief of these polarities. So how can we search for justice?

We created the laws depending on our way of fairness on certain lands. Different cultures, norms depending on societies and belief systems exist on this world. We look for a generally acceptable behaviour from one another. We judge people as normal or abnormal depending on their choice of following rules. We try to fit people into categories and based on those accepting or rejecting them. Humanity have a tendency to be afraid of rejection that they follow the outlined behaviours written for them. Rebellious actions are only taken by courageous, self confident people and their long waited results could only be achieved with their qualified behaviours. At the end they are regarded as heros or bandits depending on the region they stand. 

I want to look at the legitimacy of laws through analyzing the legacy of use of drugs. If you look at the world, at one part drugs are taken illegal, another part legal and strangely in some parts required. Some nations use some drugs as medicines and require to use them in ceremonies for healing purposes such as ayahuesca. Marijuana is illegal in most parts of the world but legal in some. So one can question the validity of laws. People should have their own freedom of choice when to decide on their health choices. Smoking was legal and popular in the past. Now it is illegal in most places. Maybe some people tend to kill themselves. Everyone is capable of giving a decision for themselves and it is on their own endeavor to respect their life or not. Therefor I think laws tend to limit the behaviours of people on their own profit.

In our personal relationships we seek fairness in the sake of justice. When you thought that the other side lies to you, in reality by not accepting the other parts reality, you have only been cheating to yourself. To forgive or bear another a grudge are two choices that you could take for yourself. Peace only comes from forgiveness. You can not wait on the other side to give you that kind of feeling. You can only achieve peace by accepting different poles on one another and by letting yourself and other to be as itself. In that regard, there would be no more cheater or cheated but only fairness. You can carry this kind of awareness that you achieved in the smallest relationship to a bigger frame. 

For instance in political situations, we tend to forget our differences and not accept all as one. If we follow a racist behaviour by ignoring others difference than it would be more likely to receieve a higher reaction from another. Mislead communications should never end up in violence of murder. However when you think of terrorists you need to evaluate their background and their understandings. They have grown with hatred, rage and violence that their reaction to rejection would be in that manner. When people tend to ignore that kind of reality than it would be their misuse of interpretation. Instead of rejecting, it could be useful to accept some realities and the reasons behind them. This might bring some peace into situations. Also in the long run it could bring more beneficial solutions.

Peace comes from looking into situations with empathy in a wider perspective to understand that justice does not have a general form. We will always see our actions resulted in higher reactions by other people. If those actions are good than we will see a better world. This kind of knowledge will help us to accept the polarities and differences in people. This acceptance will bring a way to see situations in love. You might not end up with a quick solution here but will have a better evaluation. The best path would be looking at your self and your own behaviours and remembering that your world reflects you. A change in small members could help to make a change in a wider perspective in the long run. It is utopic for now but could be the only answer.

The reality where there is no peace is only created  by the disorder in the smallest form of human relationships... 

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