Manifesto for Natures Loving Change


Embrace the change

It’s the empowerment of today.

Every end is a new beginning

A venture of flow within…

Believing in every pie of gracefulness-

It’s an answer, a key to

Doors of endless opportunities…

Every day is a new adventure,

Forgiving and receiving more reality.

Nature is our reflection,

Rest is an illusion of fear within…


Our life purpose:

To seek our chromosomes in myth

To look our identity in history

Apply it to the present

In order to create the reality,

Which is loving our ability.


We are capable beings,

“Healers of nature”

Overflowing with love within.

Everyday is our mirror,

Reflecting our reality.

Every ray of us is only capable of:

Trust, acceptance and love.

We are the children of nature,

Reflecting light,

Having faith,

Belief, in our brothers and sisters…

Changing for reality-

Reality is now

Now is forever

Now is when creating endless capabilities.


Say everyday that

You are born to love

To accept,

To believe,

To approve,

To thank,

Yourself to be able to love-

Others that reflect you.




Forgotten Red Flashes of Love


Constant immobility

In an instant emergency

Is today’s analogy

To businessmen’s hyper reality.


When the wild west invented

Made in China tag

Forgot to sprinkle some love

Into found formula of alchemy

To turn every material into gold visibility.


Twisting and turning aragonite,

Westerns tried to make believe;

Crystals were just there for a kick.

Forgotten their miraculous energies carried within

To cleanse pessimism for

Helping to manifest optimism…

It is your time today

To shape your awareness with a clay

Pure white or red

You need to complete your desires by

Trusting your destiny

Let love inspire your creativity…


United races of Hector or Time


Once there was duality

Not only one but two

One was fast future

Second was slow pace past

There was a chance

To change intense intentions by

Believing in the data of analytics.


A rabbit and a turtle

Like a clock and a calender

Dropped out of mythology…

So in the plot:

Stands a comedia of life

Like United Ironies of Life

Not funny but hysterically

Started to chase an illusion

Fidgeting in greed:

Expectations became higher…


While time was role playing,

Love was passionately forgotten…

A man was gazing under a costume

A girl was staring life in an attitude

If only they understood the meaning behind all;

Numbers would froze

The moment would be “at the moment”

NOW would be an answer, not spoken…


Full Circulation


Start by being curious

Ask than think

Answer than deny

Tighten up to loose

Than remember from dusk till dawn

Installing loosen your seat belt sign

Right above your eyes


Step out of your comfort zone:

Review your life

To understand to analyze

The meaning of happiness

Which could only be seen

When you flush your toilet bar…


It is the moment

When you play silly

Understood as crazy

That is the recovery.

A new person whose sanity

Can not be read,

But only written exclusively.


The Fish that lay the golden eggs


Faithfully walk in the direction of your dreams,

You are a fish with golden eggs

Your protection is to know,

To trust that you are Divinely guided

Through each steps of change.


A while ago, a tennis player was shouting

He is a true player against challenges

Ptiently serving a ball

Geniusly trusting its receival,

Believing in red songs melody

As terapy.


Chronicles of an absurd reborn,

You are standing alone

At the fourth quarter of a nations stone.

A true leadership as it is:

She is a survival stance,

Dealing with open doors…


You are a blossom

Breaking through change

Like a free hostage

Ready to break chains.


Believing in Fairy Tales


Underestimating self is too much

When you decided to be a judge.

Suffering would be your own choice

If only, you victimize yourself.


Self is a patient listener

Instincts might sound like a fairy teller

Ego is your systems hacker

In your conversation…

Everyone’s ideals are easily spoken

But your hearts true desire.

Later gathering hand by hand,

Could be a choice without an end,

The answer to live without any fear-

Is when you give freedom to your true feelings.


Once I Met My Reflection


I was light,

So light and centered

Feathers were fluffing in my belly…

I thought:

I was so completed

Every time I looked in

To see behind your eyes…


My source was endless,

My heart was lost,

Gold fishes swam above the clouds…

Jesus was beside,

Rainbows were across

Everywhere was blue

Accept my reflection and me.


Once I learn to love me:

I found my true heart

I was lost and found.

Realized the source of love,

Stronger than a fountain of life…

I looked behind my eyes,

Spread light, instead of dependence,

Became united as one,

Been together for a true love.


Angels are above to change


One door is beginning to open,

Another is to close,

Nearing the end of a significant part of life…

I call it death, some calls rebirth,

Be glad that some parts are getting healed,

Through this process, called art.

Soon, old habits will be replaced,

Surrender and release self,

Believe that your thoughts of a better life

Soon coming to pass…


You are the Masters of Art in history,

Life is Without Memento Mori,

Playing only for victory,

Loosing every time seeing ecology.

Just concerned with views of leaders,

Whom are dead men walking in mystery,

Living only on paper and TV.


The ideal is to be awaken,

When time is at eleven:eleven,

It is a validation that you are “on target”

With an impending change that will enrich you

Physically, emotionally, or intellectually-

Or a combination of all three…

Stay on course, son you will realize,

How the changes add to your own life

And those around you,

Ones whom are angels near you

Waiting to change life “for every one”

Much better than what has been done…

Nostra res agitur. (“You”, are reflecting my “Mine”, which is “You”) by Montaigne


Memento Mori (Remember Death)


One is not equal to one life

It could only be equal

Not to a half with a stop sign

But a full circle of equilibrium of memoir


Death is one half of life

Living is another part

Which makes a full circle

That could only be filled

If only you cross a line


You sit on a side

Thinking of the creation of “not equal one”

Square of emptiness left on top

A pig is hidden behind

You are left with a monkey

To understand your creation of life…


However you are not aware

One is unequal to a half life

Half without remembering death

Half without remembering

To live a full life.

Distortion is created

When you think upon too much

Missing a full circle

Hidden behind the clouds…


Looking Beyond Flying Birds


There are two intersecting roads,

One carries black birds,

Another defeated angels,

However, one always knows,

Life changes are in perfect order.


They’re in alignment for a higher self…

Under the umbrella of protection,

You are crossing over a crazy quill,

Get ready for a big change,

Which will soon awaken your soul,

Open your alienated eyes,

To instrumental shoots…


Just like a curator,

Collect pieces of your genes,

Gather information you heard,

Pick the ones you are interested,

Later let your self,

Flow within through creation…


Fantasies of a Stickman


The clock is ticking

Like the paces of a stickman.

Time is ten past ten-

Where high magicians,

Dungeons and Dragons-

Fought against Dark Wizards,

To create change by using Mythology.


Finding no secrets in life’s duality,

A man can lift Earth as in Greek Strategy.

But only if, he could give up “the art of joking”;

He would choose between his two alternatives,

One is not to play with his 3 monkeys,

Second is to stick to his ideal psyche.


So Silver Stickman began his tour de force,

Starting by absorbing the motions of the creator,

Meeting with the superhero in the middle,

While analyzing his past victory in Tours third stage,

Ended up finding himself ,

Likely to end up like a lonely polar bear…

Than reviewing his apologies to self,

Realized writing his wrong version of the Book,

So that, reedited life with a new title,

By believing in “true desires” strength to change “dualities”…


No Secrets in Loves Duality


622 is a number that is unseen

There is only signs and a scene,

Life on Earth is outsourced

Cosmos is opening doors to dreams…


Saturn is without secrets

It has qualities of a perfectionist’s leadership.

Jupiter is like Fortuna,

Always pouring forth its chance with Abundantia,

A thought adjuster that takes us to Bahia.

Saturn can stand above the equilibrium-

Only if Pluto comes forth to stand aside;

I carries a Divine force to overcome darkness

It is the rebirth to flowering and transmutation.

It is a Butterfly Maiden that gives birth to

Black and White Rabbits of yin and yang

Over a new moon…


Endless circulation of life

Sun’s Divine life source

Moons feminine power stands beside

To open the eye of Horus

Get ready for endless opportunities

To love and step akin to new beginnings…


In Tune with Melody


Self-winding mechanical change,

Is done by holding positive intentions,

Know that you are fully supported,

By positively manifesting your potential.

When you go through fast line to drop

Fifth rule of the deal, is a Free way,

To land straight into the heart…


Just listen what comes from within…

Learn calmly your version of the story,

Things could change repetitively,

Just by enjoying harmony,

Listening to your hearts melody.

Perception brings freedom,

It says first comes, first serves,

There are no limits within,

But only endless opportunities…


Don’t be a spider without a net,

You have the capability,

Just build your own network,

To create your own notes of melody.

Drop by drop,

You will hear your harmony,

Which has always been, singing endlessly…


Rest is Nothing Without a Dream


I had a dream

To seek upon my heart

My heart is my route

A deep red line hidden to be found

To save the world to spread light…


When I let my arms

LED came out of my heart

I see colors of light now

Created above my crown

Colors of my heart

Painted gold way above my clouds


Freedom leads to emptiness

Square by square

Deep hidden behind 4square lines.

Transfigured doors of freedom

Unlocks only to creation of miracles

3 dots of awareness is above the 7th chakras


Continuous eggs of dreams

Each with a reality

Cracked once found.

Opened towards a new life

Behind the sacred bars

Lead on to nothing:

Nothing to be afraid

But only seek in order to

Fulfills everything in your heart.