• My work evolves around the idea of change or one could call transformation. It is not only in the realms of form but also in thought and spirituality. The main concept comes from the meaning of trans, which in my own perspective summarizes the fast movement of change in life itself.

    It is the unsustainable energy form in every small particle of nature that is all connected to one and another. Time, space and form in the idea of change is what I am trying to reflect in my work to awaken some part of us that is unique and same that comes not only from the one’s gaze but also from its spirit.

  • Transcendental


    A Consciousness Journey

    When Immanuel Kant published ‘Kritik der reinen Vernuft’ (Critique of Pure Reason) in 1781, the work became the most fundamental piece in the history of philosophy. Kant brought a new meaning to transcendent in modern philosophy. Transcendental knowledge is explained as understanding of an object’s existence through sensibility before knowingness of an object. Human’s sensibility of an object depending on senses and intuition in different phrases without depending on the object itself.


    Transcendental philosophy is the wisdom of pure speculative reason that studies the objects in the two pure forms of sensuous intuition named time and space. When logic is based on judgments and experiences, pure logic is pushed aside by inner knowledge and senses so that understanding depends on transcendental ideality. As space being infinite depending on the imagination differs and time as human creation without a definite representation are all forms of internal sense, that is, of our intuition of ourselves, and of our internal state. They are all a phenomena because of depending on senses and intuition. When Kant analyzes the phenomena, he emphasizes that understanding concepts is formed by creating judgments depending on experiences so that knowledge is followed by synthesis of imagination belonging to the transcendental acts of the soul. On the other hand, Metaphysics is a science that studies non-existent objects and knowledge that depends on the inner consciousness and senses that it is transcendental. As all these knowledge being non-existent do not hold us back from not thinking of them but also would not help us to come to a certain definition. They are all speculative understanding in nature mechanism as only standing away from knowing but a belief.


    In this exhibition analyzing Kant’s transcendental knowledge, my paintings are presenting humans’ chaotic journey of consciousness but also aiming to show that only conscious awareness could lead anyone to personal awakening. I am doing this by not only emphasizing Metaphysics basic thoughts on subtle objects such as God, Freedom and Immortality but also gathering Hinduism’s some of main philosophies to give some aspect. Harmonizing my researches on religious, metaphysical and esoteric knowledge, I am showing the viewer the source of all principles’ resemblance by intending to create deeper awareness in the viewers’ life purpose.   


    The source of all subtle knowledge in reality depends on human’s inner strength and consciousness. The one who can stand in the knowledge of oneness in the nature’s immortal flight of fact and reality can only become united with emptiness of space. In the act of time and space we can only surrender by staying in presence and abstracting self from senses. The Transcendentalist thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that ‘When ever mind is pure and a divine knowledge comes to it, old departs; the tools, the teachers, the temples fade, lives in presence, withdraws past and future into this moment.’ Discovery of our inner consciousness leads us to the main and only life philosophy, which can connect us to source energy and help to live our life higher than our expectancies. As long as we can stay in this life philosophy flying moments, either a part of history or mythology or spiritual knowledge could stay with us as a tool.  They only create awareness within us in the consciousness of our lives.


    The oneness of all in religious icons, mythological heroes, Gods and Goddesses, and mystical symbols representing them, numbers relating to the study of numerology in my paintings are aiming to show the reality of us coming from belief, trust and surrender of self. The similar experience that we live in every different piece of the stories in the paintings remind us the deep mystery of our inner power. The choice of questioning and searching for this mystery is a way of coming out of the illusion of outer world and entering in inner reality through intuition. My paintings are a reflection of my own search of self.

    I am wishing for the viewer to find part of their self in the work through taking a journey in their own judgments, consciousness, experiences and transcendent state in order to find their own reality in the concepts of time and space.

  • Manifesto for Natures Loving Change

    Embrace the change
    It’s the empowerment of today.
    Every end is a new beginning
    A venture of flow within…
    Believing in every pie of gracefulness-
    It’s an answer, a key to
    Doors of endless opportunities…
    Every day is a new adventure,
    Forgiving and receiving more reality.
    Nature is our reflection,
    Rest is an illusion of fear within…

    Our life purpose:
    To seek our chromosomes in myth
    To look our identity in history
    Apply it to the present
    In order to create the reality,
    Which is loving our ability.

    We are capable beings,
    “Healers of nature”
    Overflowing with love within.
    Everyday is our mirror,
    Reflecting our reality.
    Every ray of us is only capable of:
    Trust, acceptance and love.
    We are the children of nature,
    Reflecting light,
    Having faith,
    Belief, in our brothers and sisters…
    Changing for reality-
    Reality is now
    Now is forever
    Now is when creating endless capabilities.

    Say everyday that
    You are born to love
    To accept,
    To believe,
    To approve,
    To thank,
    Yourself to be able to love-
    Others that reflect you.


  • I have been executing a series of paintings, photographs and drawings
    evolving under the idea of my own transformation from immature human
    beings to incapable imaginary natural beings living in their own
    isolated space.
    In my own process of painting I work with two medias photography and
    painting. I use photography as my main source and change it through
    painting. The process represents the way I look at contemporary art and
    life. It shows how photograph is removed away from reality and how
    painting is further removed away from the reality of the photography as
    becoming a painting. This process strengthens my idea of how people are
    further removed away from their reality by changing within life.In
    the final outcome, color places an important place in the work as
    representing mood. Clean-cut painting placed on a plain isolated space
    has a significant role to me as enforcing the mood of tightness and
    incapability of figures. They fight with the obstacles of life built by
    technology and sociological pressures. They try to cope with nature's
    destruction and given psychological isolation by technology.